Monday, September 26, 2011


Here's an idea for a "quick" design exersize to get you thinking of and using, the elements of 3D design..

modular structure of short straight lines....

modular of triangle and pyramid forms...

modules of spiraling squares...

Never Forget

My theme in this piece is conflict. On September 11th, 2001 the World Trade Center Twin Towers were stuck by terrorism. The u.s. declared war on the terrorist group that had done this, this is a symbol of conflict. In my opinion the best part of this sculpture would be the use of different of graphite. The variety of shades helps accent the main focus (the Twin Towers).


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Janet Echelman's fluid sculptures

Just found out about this sculptor- and her wonderful, ACTIVE sculptures. The pieces are developed from netting she learned from fishermen in India. Her recent work is large and required her to research materials and create software to engineer the work's construction.

See her talk about her work at this site

And see her website at 

"1.26, 2010", A sculpture based on the tsunami of the February, 2010 Chile earthquake. 
The quake shortened the length of a day on earth by 1.26 microseconds.

"Every Beating Second", 2011
Here she is talking about her work at the TED presentation...

Friday, September 16, 2011

More Paper sculpture ideas!

Here is a link to 100 paper sculptors and their work!!! Check it out for ideas...

The link is here

You'll see work like this:

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Here we go! 

Starting off the 2011 semester of Sculpture-

I'm looking forward to new projects and students creative ideas....
I plan to take advantage of the Blog this semester, so check back in for new posts and student work!