Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alternate Worlds! a new project-

OK, this one we can get into!!! Let's make a sculpture that takes us away from this world....
Create a scene inside a box of EXTREME DEPTH and space... use lighting to create drama..... forced perspective.... and place a character in there too! 

Here's the handout!

Todd Rosenthal's set designs- WOW!!

Here's a great example of things you could do for a creative career- scenic design! Mr. Rosenthal was trained at Yale in set design and lighting. The sophistication of his training shows in the AMAZING sets he has created.

You can see more of his work here....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Joseph Cornell

Cornell is the inspiration for our next project- "Alternate Worlds"...... His box constructions are fantasy worlds, made of collected images, objects, and fragments. By using the Surrealist's ideas of juxtaposing different objects together, he created a "story" to the scene....

See more of his work here.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Amanda's super awesome plaster sculpture

I really went crazy on this sculpture by making holes and dents and patterns. Here it is->

gabby's plaster sculpture

Kelly's Plaster Sculpture

In my sculpture I used wire to pierce the plaster and create small holes. I wanted to show the the sculpture was lifting up off the table, so I rounded the bottom and made different sculptures of the sun on it. Also, I put it different holes and gaps to let the light shine throughout the sculpture.

Ryan's plaster sculpture

I found this project to be fun and exciting. At first my sculpture was really wet and it was harder to work with. When it dried some it was a lot easier to work with. The tools i used was the clay tools and some spare wire I found.

Jessica's Plaster Sculpture

For my sculpture I used a spoon, knife and dental tools to carve smooth lines into the plaster. I also made a cave underneath my sculpture in order for it to tilt and stand. There are also piercings and tool marks on various spots. :)


For my sculpture, I mostly used a knife and a spoon for carving and digging.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Amanda's Pterodactyl

I based this sculpture on a pterodactyl stuffed animal I have named Misora. I used a variety of techniques on this sculpture, but I used winding the most and the best. A fun little detail I added is the ball of wire in her head. She is also holding my name as my signature.

nils sculpture

I tried to add the couture line in my shell sculpture by making curved lines everywhere. I also tried to in my photograph try to add light an dark.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lauren's Wasp

Jess' Dragonfly

For my sculpture I used different gauged wires to show the difference between the thickness of a dragonflys body and the wings. I wrapped wire around each individual wire to create the mass of the body. For each of the wings I used a different technique to show how detailed they were.


I enjoyed sculpting with wire. I thought it was fairly easy. We used steel and aluminum wire of various gages. I found the hardest part of the project was the steel wire shell that we made first. I found the aluminum and the small gage steel was a lot more malleable.  

sea shell

A wire sea shell made of aluminum and steal wire. Using thicker wire helped show the dense parts of the sculpture toward the bottom of the sculpture 

Braeden's wire sculpure

The wire sculpture is a shell that has several different textures and wire features that represents the textures of an actual shell.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kelly's Sculpture

The technique that worked best in my sculpture was winding the wire. Since all the flowers and leaves had to be connected to the stem, I used this technique so they stayed on securely. The image of the flower was best showed by winding and twisting different wires to create the overall shape.

Alyssa's Wire Sculptutre

My favorite detail on my shell was the pattern on the outside. It resembled mountain peaks moving across the shell. So i tried to incorporate that on my sculpture by closing off the outside mimicking that design.